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This page provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our photo booth and photo booth packages.

Glam Packages
Charitable Packages

Our mission is to provide epic, one-of-a-kind experiences at an exceptional value, while also giving back to the community. Since 2021, we’ve donated a portion of the profits from each event to charitable causes, including 28 free/discounted booths, 8 photo shoots, and 2 original prints for silent auction. Aside from our commitment to give back, we have 10+ years of photography experience. We know how to take amazing photos! We also offer a variety of exciting features and fun extras to make every event unique and memorable.

Click here for six awesome reasons to have a photo booth at your event:

Glam Booth: Prices start at $650 for 3 hours. Additional hours = $75/hour. For more info, click here:

Charitable Booth: Prices start at $520 for 3 hours (after discounts). Additional hours = $75/hour. Returning customers and customers who book multiple events per year are eligible for additional discounts. For more information, click here:

We have a 3-hour minimum for glam booth events. However, we are willing to waive this minimum for certain charitable booth events.

Yes, please give us a call. We now offer discounted packages for non-profits and charities. We will try our best to accommodate your budget. We also have free booth give aways throughout the year, so check our Facebook page often.

We primarily service the Billings area, including Huntley/Worden, Shepherd, Laurel, Lockwood, and Park City. However, we are willing to travel beyond this radius for an additional mileage fee (plus hotel in rare cases). We currently don’t service areas outside Montana.

We do not charge for travel within twenty-five miles of Billings, including Huntley/Worden, Shepherd, Laurel, Lockwood, and Park City. We charge $1/mile for travel outside this radius.

Absolutely! If needed, we can provide your venue with proof of insurance.

You can click here to request a quote. You can also email, text, or call us with your event details. We’ll put together an official proposal for you to review prior to booking. Email: Phone: 406.861.5144.

Yes, we require a 20% non-refundable retainer to reserve the photo booth. The retainer will hold your date and cover administrative costs and work performed prior to the event, such as setting up the event in the software, preparing the equipment and props, and customizing the event.

The remaining balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the event. If we approve a short notice event (an event within 30 days), the entire balance is due upon booking. For non-profits and schools paying by check, special arrangements can be made with respect to the deposit and payment.

Yes. We accept credit cards via Stripe or PayPal. We also accept cash and checks.

Fun is contagious! Unlike old-fashioned booths with curtains, open-air booths are perfect for engaging the crowd. They allow guests to witness the shenanigans and be drawn in by the laughter, smiles, and fun props. The open style also allows everything from large group photos to unpredictable photo bombs.

The photo booth is very simple to use; the 13″ monitor prompts guests with instructions. We also provide a friendly onsite attendant to help!

The photo booth itself is pretty compact; however, it requires a minimum of 8’ x 8’ space to work properly. Click here to view setup requirements. Click here to view sample photos of the booth with various indoor and outdoor setups.

The photo booth can fit 4-6 people comfortably. However, we have witnessed some large group shots over the years. Our current record is 13 people.

If possible, we like to start setting up about 2 hours before the event. We use the first hour to set up the equipment and the second hour to fine tune the camera. In a pinch, we can set things up in about an hour.

No, we do not charge for this.

Yes. Outdoor locations should be on solid, level ground and adequately protected from the wind, weather, and direct sunlight. The full outdoor setup typically includes shelter or tent (required), generator (as needed), photo booth with printer, backdrop, 4-foot table, and extra social sharing station. We can provide a 10’x10’ canopy tent and/or power generator for a $75 fee.

No. Our booth is equipped with a pro-grade DSLR camera, beauty flash, and lightning-fast dye sublimation printer. It takes amazing photos and prints them in under 10 seconds. We use iPads for the booth’s touch screen display and the extra social sharing station. The sharing station provides a secondary area (away from the booth) where guests can view, print, and share their photos to social media.

Yes! Our friendly attendants are highly trained in the arts of photography and fun. They will arrive 2 hours before the event, setup/break down the booth, and assist guests with taking, printing, and sharing photos to social media. Attendants will also ensure guests have a fun, memorable experience at your event.

The guests or our friendly onsite attendant.

As many as you like! All packages come with unlimited photo sessions.

After pressing start button, the process will begin. There is a four second pause between each photo, with a live-view screen and countdown to the next picture. Once all the photos are taken, two beautiful photo-strips or one 4×6 postcard will print in under 10 seconds flat!

Absolutely! We have hundreds of beautiful, pre-designed photo templates to choose from in our library, all of which can be personalized or branded to meet your needs. We also have thousands of premium templates for $25 each. You can check out sample templates here:

Absolutely! We will work with you to design the perfect photo template for your event. We can customize text, colors, and fonts free of charge. We can also brand the photo strips with a company name, slogan, logo, and/or monogram. For sponsored events, we can include sponsor branding on the photo templates. We can also customize/brand other areas of the booth (see below).

Yes you can! We can brand many areas of the photo booth, including the back of the booth, photo templates, welcome screen, contest screens, online gallery, email templates, and slideshow. Contact us to learn more.

Yes, you can customize the photo booth area as much as you like. If you are bringing something custom, please let know in advance so we can prepare.

Yes! All packages come with still photos, animated gifs, and boomerangs. Still photos and gifs are shot with the DSLR camera. Boomerangs (bursts) are shot with the iPad camera, so the quality is not as high.

Yes, you can print the still photos. We print using a dye sublimation printer. This means the photos are smudge-free and ready to handle immediately after printing. Note: Animated gifs and boomerangs cannot be printed; however, they can be shared via text, email, or social media.

We offer both traditional (2×6) photo strips and premium (4×6) postcard prints standard with each package [$75+ value]. We also offer upgrades to larger prints (5×7, 6×8) and/or luxury media finishes (metallic, silver pearl) for an extra fee.

For packages of 3 hours or more, every guest in the photo will get a copy to take home. We use the absolute best dye sublimation printer on the market, which prints high quality, smudge-free prints in under 10 seconds. By the time you’re done laughing at yourself on the booth display, your photos will be ready.

No worries! We always have extra paper and ink on site. Your photo booth attendant can change the paper and ink and have your booth up and running in no time.

We offer a ton of cool special effects free of charge, including green screen, gifs, boomerangs, animated overlays, filters and effects, AI digital props, and more!

Yes, we can! We can print in B&W, color, or both. Try giving your photos a glam look with our k-dash filter. This filter smooths the skin and applies black and white to create the studio effect popularized by the Kardashians. Great for many themes, including old Hollywood glam. Pair with green screen for an extra wow!

Yes, we do. In addition to k-dash, we can also add other filters and effects, such as beautify, black and white, sepia, vintage, or 80’s. Filters can either be applied to all photos automatically (for a custom themed event), or they can be added as an option for guests to choose from.

Yes, all packages come with a free premium online gallery. All photos will be uploaded to the gallery in real-time. Guests can download and share photos during the event (or up to 2 years after the event). If privacy is a concern, the gallery can be password protected or turned off.

Immediately. Photos will be uploaded to the premium online gallery in real-time.

After each session, guests can print the photos and/or instantly share photos via email, text, or social media. Guest can also access photos using the booth’s in-app gallery, extra social sharing station, or premium online gallery.

Yes! After each session, guests can instantly share photos to text, email, or Facebook. We also support offline Twitter sharing and the ability to send Instagram-ready mp4’s via email. Photos will also be uploaded to a premium online gallery. From there, guests can download or share photos during/after the event.

Absolutely! After the event, we will send you a link to the customer portal, where you can download digital copies of all event photos to zip files. We can also save the photos to Dropbox or a thumb drive for an additional fee.

The customer portal is an online dashboard that allows you to download all event photos to zip files, access the premium online gallery, and view event analytics in real-time (e.g., photo shares, prints, downloads, contest winners, custom survey data). The portal is provided free of charge with all packages.

Yes! After the event, we will send you a link to the customer portal. From there, you will be able to download all event photos to zip files for the yearbook staff. These zip files can be emailed or saved to a thumb drive for the yearbook staff.

We do not sensor any of the photos; however, if there is a photo you would like taken down, contact us and we will do so. This also applies to any photos we post on our website for marketing purposes.

We’ll bring a large variety of hand-selected props for your event. We have a plethora of digital and physical props to choose from, including funny signs, lips and mustaches on a stick, featherless boas, cool and silly glasses, fun inflatables, awesome hats, and much more! The choices will vary with event theme.

Yes, we do have themed props as well as general props that fit multiple themes. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we’d be happy to order custom props for an extra fee. We require at least 30-day notice to ensure the props arrive in time.

Yes, we’d be happy to order custom props to match your theme. We require at least 30-day notice to ensure the props arrive in time.

Absolutely. Please let us know in advance, so we can make sure to reserve room on our tables or in our bins.

Yes. We sanitize all of our props after every event.

All packages come with your choice of 8’x8′ premium pillowcase backdrop. See our selection here: If desired, we can also use green screen images, a cool wall at the venue, a natural backdrop, or something you provide (such as a flower arch or balloon arch). We can also special-order backdrops for an additional fee [requires 30-day notice].

Yes, you can absolutely provide your own backdrop. It works best if the backdrop is around 8’x8’, but we can make other sizes work.

If you need a special backdrop to match your theme, we can use green screen free of charge. We can also special-order backdrops from a larger inventory of 800+ backdrops, including custom designed step-and-repeat backdrops with your logo. Custom backdrops cost $175+ and require a 30-day notice.

No, it doesn’t. We provide a customer portal where you can download digital copies of all event photos to zip files free of charge. If desired, we can also print an extra copy of each session to include in your memory book for a small fee.

If desired, we can run a slideshow on the back of the photo booth (instead of doing an extra social sharing station). We can also provide a web link that can be used to run a slideshow on your own projector, iPad, or big screen. We can customize or brand certain aspects of the slideshow.

Yes, we can set the booth up to cater to all guests!

All well-behaved pets are welcome to come on in (provided the host and venue are okay with it)!

Yes, our mission is to give back to the community through photography. In 2021, we gave away 12 free booths, plus several discounted booths for school activities, non-profit events, and other good causes. We typically give away booths for the coming year in August. Starting in 2022, we also offer a discounted booth for non-profits and charities called the Charitable Booth.